Every touch-point gains something. First, people are being fed who are in dire need. We feed them through one of our many programs. We manufacture and deliver the food to existing charities (such as Second Harvest), who then distribute the food to individuals in need.


Second, a significant portion of the funds is donated to a charity of your choice. This means that in addition to helping feed someone, you could also be helping a cause that you think needs it. You can choose any charity, this is completely at your discretion.


Third, you also win because the more people you sign-up to our program, the more tokens you will accumulate on your account. These tokens can be used to get FREE travel. We offer a variety of trips which are pre-made and pre-booked. If none of these trips interest you, you can also design your own trip and spend your tokens going wherever you would like. The world is at your fingertips! Get out there and do something good - begin your Purpose Driven Travel adventure today. 

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